International Seminar on Statistics with R

Building web applications in R using Shiny

Shiny is an R package that can be used to build interactive web pages with R. This might sound strange or scary, but you don’t need to have any web knowledge – it’s just R! If you’ve ever written an analysis in R and you want to make it interactive, you can use Shiny. If you’ve ever written a function or model that you want to share with others who don’t know how to use R, you can use Shiny. Shiny has many use cases, and this course will help you see how you can leverage it in your own work. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to take a Shiny app from start to finish – we’ll start by building a simple Shiny app to interactively visualize a dataset, and deploy it online to make it accessible to the world.

Público-alvo/ target audience


Dean Attali

Instrutor: Dean Attali/President at AttaliTech

Instruções aos participantes

Trazer instalado: R, Rstudio, pacote shiny.

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