International Seminar on Statistics with R

Datavisualization with highcharts

Datavisualization with highcharts: From beginner to expert

In this course we’ll learn how to be an expert with highcharter. We’ll start learning how to make very efective charts using just one command (hchart function). Then we’ll review all the functions to customize the chart (axis, titles, tooltips), review the documentaion and how to get help. We’ll show how to chart data from data frames. Finally we’ll code some shiny apps and rmakrdown documents to show how highcharter can be integrated in our workflow giving tips in visualization and styling .

Público-alvo/ target audience

From beginner to expert

Instrutor: Joshua Kunst/highcharter author

Joshua Kunst, Risk Analyst. Data addict who enjoy the statistics, data science, programming and visualization.


Instruções aos participantes

Trazer instalado: R, Rstudio, pacote highcharter.

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